Welcome to Frequent.Flyer.Foodie!

We are two sisters who love food and travel & want to share our experiences jointly however with two different perspectives!

Growing up, my sister and I did everything together.  We went to the same school, played together, shared a bedroom, had the same friends.  Although we look nothing alike and our personalities are completely different, strangers would automatically recognize that we were joined by blood. Because we are 4 years apart, we have been in different stages of our lives however have always found a way to stay connected to each other. We are sisters by blood but best friends by choice and now that we are both married and are growing our independent families, we decided to begin Frequent.Flyer.Foodie to share our most memorable experiences and taste buds with all of you!


What can I say… we love to travel and love food but who doesn’t? We’ve been all around the world and have experienced the best cuisines each Country has to offer.

We want to share our most memorable travel experiences with all of you.  We will rate each of our travel and/or food experiences from near and far so all our readers can have a chance to preview potential destinations if they chose to go! Come fly with us and challenge your taste buds. Are you ready to try something new?

Our Ratings System

Frequent Flyer Ratings
1 Star: Not impressed
5 Stars: Out of this World