Blu Ristorante Yorkville

We like to take advantage of Winterlicious menus as it gives us a chance to try out different fare and new restaurants.  Winterlicious 2020 had an awesome roundup this year and one particular restaurant that was new to us but clearly a Yorkville favorite was Blu Ristorante.   As a semi Galentines date, my sister and I went to Blu Ristorante in Yorkville.

We love discovering intimate restaurants that are well know among the neighborhood they service, and Blu seemed to be just that.  As soon as you walk in you get the vibe that there are many regulars that frequent the restaurant on a regular.  Families coming together to have a nice dinner and enjoying the food paints an awesome story even before you sit down.

The entire restaurant had a beautiful and classic feel to it.  The entrance wall was decorated with wine bottles and right behind that was was a giant mirror (where we took cute pictures ;-).

Alfredo, the owner, was a gem.  He actually went above and beyond and seated us in the private dining room near the back of the restaurant.

Complements of the bar, we had some pink bubbly to begin our evening.

We started with four apps  (yes we were hungry, please don’t judge us… we are foodies)

Truffled Beef Carpaccio, Tuna Tartar, Octopus,  Roasted Beets and Burrata Salad.  Our favorite app, hands down, was the roasted beets salad with imported Italian burrata cheese, cherry tomatoes, balsamic pearls (made with balsamic vinegar and gelatin), beet vinaigrette. Yummy!

But a very close second was the Tuna Tartar! The Ahi Tuna was served in a sesame vinaigrette with  saffron leek fonduta – (braised leeks in saffron, parmesan, goat cheese and touch of cream and tumeric) – roasted pistachios, truffle aioli served with sweet potato chips.  The sauce on the side (and drizzled above) made this dish!

Alright guys, after eating all that, guess who made room for the mains! US!  By the way, I went to the gym 5 days this week so I could “indulge”!

We had a little help with the mains from our hubby’s!  I chose the Roasted Butternut Squash Ravioli.  I would say this is a house favorite as it’s homemade ravioli stuffed with butternut squash and ricotta cheese, with lemon chili butter, sage, and crispy prosciutto.

Hubby #1 had the Truffle Wild Boar Ragu – braised wild boar with wild mushrooms, sweet potato & ricotta gnocchi, shaved ricotta salata. Okay, this dish was definitely on the meatier side so perfect for the hubby or if you are super hungry.  Needless to say, we finished it all!

My other half (my sister, not my husband ha ha) had the Apple & Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast – the chicken was boneless and stuffed – served with braised red cabbage, parsnip puree, gooseberry chicken jus. There was something about this dish that kept us coming back for more! Yup, down to the last bite, we ate it all.

Lastly, hubby # 2 had the Branzino

The fish was so light and airy, sitting on top of homemade pasta and veggies.  If you prefer Mediterranean fish that has a almost sweet flavor, then you would really enjoy this dish!

We were stuffed and could not possibly make  room for dessert, but we made room!  This brought it home, I would actually come back just for dessert as it was delicious!

Zeppolle – Honey glazed Italian donuts served with fresh berries and prosecco sabayon and Key Lime Panna Cotta with basil, lime and candied almonds!

The meal was paired with a 2017 I Muri Primitivo, Puglia, Italy – medium bodied, jammy, rustic.

The entire experience was magnificent, Alfredo and his team really know how to take care of their guests.  You could easily tell that everyone was having a great time, we saw many large tables as well as smaller tables of groups out with friends or couples enjoying date night.

It’s important to note that Blu Ristorante will be moving locations in the coming weeks and will be moving just a few blocks away.  We can’t wait to hit up their new location at 90 Avenue Rd. and share our thoughts on their updated menu and brand new restaurant.

The difference between a good night and a great night is of course the food, but also the service and experience.

If you want to to be treated like family, and cooked for by the best, stay tuned for what Blu has in store.  We will be there!











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