Antica Osteria- Caledon

My husband and I have a soft spot for Caledon in our hearts for many years now.  We love driving through Caledon on warm summer days, parking and grabbing ice cream.  A few years ago, we stumbled upon an cozy tucked away Italian restaurant, Antica Astoria.   We first went there for our anniversary and fell in love with it, especially after being serenaded by a violist while enjoying dinner! They have won award after award and we can totally see why.

Last week, my girlfriend told me to take her somewhere new (versus just being a stroller mom in a mall) so I took her to our little spot in Caledon.

I love this place!  Everything from the service, the the food and then of course, the wine!

The place is not too big but enough to hold about 75-100 people and they have an outdoor balcony as well. You can host small get togethers in a private sectioned off seating area.

We were fortunate enough to visit Antica during their fall re-vamp menu period.  The Chef sat down with us and walked me through some of his favourite features for the upcoming menu changes.  Below are some of the delicious dishes we had and that are brand new to Antica!

Winter Menu- New Additions! 


Contents: Pan Seared Foie Gras, Poached Quince, Buffalo Mozzarella, Crispy Spec, Olive Earth Canfit Tomatoes.

This dish was so unique as I have never tried duck liver before.  At first, I was a bit hesitant but it sure was delicious.  Also, when you think of Antipasto, the above doesn’t come to mind so I definitely appreciated the uniqueness of this dish.

Butternut Squash 

Contents: Cinnamon mascarpone cream with crumbled candy walnuts.

Oh wow, this tasted as good as it sounds and looks.  The combination of something so steaming hot, mixed with the rich flavour of squash followed by the sweetness of the walnuts was heaven in a bowl.  I strongly suggest to try this dish at Antica.  No soup, to date, has made me crave it as much as I crave this!

Crab Pasta

Contents: Burrata Angnolitti with Alaskin King Crab in a Lemon Thyme emulsion.

Simplicity is key, with Pasta dishes such as this and every bite was phenomenal!  The Crab was so soft, not too chewy and paired well with the lemon thyme sauce.  If the sauce is right, everything tastes delicious and I have to say that this dish hit the spot.

Frequent Flyer Foodie Ratings
Dish Uniqueness: **** 1/2
Filling: ***1/2
Service: *****
Price: ****


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