Mexican street food @ Ah Caramba, eh!

This week is Street Food week where we feature different types of street food – what better place to get started than with Mexican street food! My sister and I have grown up with mexican food, it could be that the staples are similar to that of Indian food and growing up in a East Indian household we have learned to throw it down when it comes to spice! Items such a corn, beans, flour, and peppers were regularly on the grocery list and always available at home.  My mom would even make her own bean paste, granted she used Indian spices in it and made us believe it was taco seasoning! Fast forward 20 years she has learned not to put Indian spices in everything and can make a pretty mean Mexican taco.

We first got introduced to Ah Caramba, eh! when I was hosting thanksgiving dinner for my family and relatives. I wanted to order something different, go off the beaten path a bit as no one wanted to eat turkey.  I googled Mexican places knowing that my family would eat it and it would satisfy all palettes (ages 2 years to 83).  As I scrolled through different places, Ay Caramba Eh! caught my eye and of course before I knew it I was putting them to the yelp test.  They got an astounding 4.8/5 rating on yelp!  That is a pretty high rating and all the reviews were consistently good.  Many were quite detailed in describing their experiences so we thought hey they must be good right?  I called and spoke to the owner Carlos about catering our event, he mentioned he was closed on the thanksgiving Monday but would be willing to not only open up for us but also deliver the order himself.  Talk about customer service!

Our thanksgiving dinner was so amazing that everyone who attended my event still talks about it and how much they enjoyed the “little tacos”. Of course the idea of street food and tapas is lost on our family.

Ok – fast forward to last week when we decided we wanted to feature street food on our website we decided we had to go back to Ay Caramba, eh!  The name was thought up by the owner who decided to give a traditional Spanish verse (Ay Caramba – a saying commonly used to denote surprise) and added on eh! for the Canadian touch 🙂

The shop – The owner hired a designer to plan out the layout and design for the store front.  The design is actually quite hip and trendy, much like their food!

Ok now getting to the awesome food we had:

Carnita – Pulled pork, pickled red onions, cheese and cilantro.  The pulled pork was not heavy and had a very nice flavour.  Add a bit of their homemade hot sauce and you are good to go!

Taquitos – Plain Chicken, Lettuce, Tomato, Latin Crema, Grated Cheese and Guacamole on the side.  The Taquitos were perfectly crispy on the outside, the latin crema sauce was perfecto!

Fish Haddock – with Lettuce, Chipotle Aioli, Pickled Red Onion and Cilantro.  These tacos look small but they are mighty! The fish was so fresh and light, the garnishes complemented it perfectly!

Ay Caramba, eh! Is a casual mexican eatery, it’s a cozy place with about 8-10 tables.  If you are in the Vaughan area and looking for some fast and well priced street food make sure to come by this place! I can assure you won’t regret it!

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