That Italian Place- Brampton!

My husband and I have driven by That Italian Place oh about a 100 times (ironically on a Sunday) only to realize it’s closed Sundays but we always forget and do it again and again.

A family friend and new mommy wanted to meet up in Brampton as we actually hadn’t seen each other since both babies our were born.  She said, “hey, do you want to try That Italian Place“, and my answer was ABSOLUTELY!  I called this time to make sure they were open!

This restaurant is a family owned and what I understood from the owner is that pretty much anyone who works in the kitchen is related one way or other!  You gotta love that.

I went there specifically to try the Porchetta & Rapini Sandwich that was featured on You Gotta Eat Here Canada, twice!


As Featured on “You Gotta Eat Here” tender porchetta, pan juice, smoked cheese & rapini was served with side caesar salad.  Such complementary ingredients that I would never think to put together, but hey I am just glad someone did!


The Owner suggested that we try the “La Stella”, (The Star Pizza).  This masterpiece is filled with whipped ricotta, roasted red pepper, roasted black olive, basil, and asiago cheese. It is nicely topped with cherry tomatoes, arugula and delicately drizzled with truffle oil.

This was my absolute favourite.  I could barely get through one portion of the “star” it was so filling I took the rest home for my husband.

I watched as the owner made La Stella just for me and he actually let me come behind the counter and watch him garnish the dish once it came out of the wood fired oven!


We typically rate all our dishes but this place does not need individual dish ratings.  I am a sucker for fresh ingredients where it tastes like you picked the herbs right out of your own garden.  This is exactly what I found here at This Italian Place, I should have checked to see if they have a secret garden hidden somewhere!

All the dishes deserve a solid 5 Frequent Flyer Foodie Points, hands down!

And no pun intended but, You Gotta Eat Here!

Follow them on Instagram @thatitalianplace and us @frequentflyerfoodie!


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