Stratengers Bolton for Brunch

I feel like I have been Brunchin even before doing Brunch was a thing.  Or at least I do like to believe that 🙂 Growing up my sister and I use to be able to go out regularly, by that I mean stay up past 11pm on Fridays AND Saturdays which these days is something we laugh about.  We still lived at home during our early 20’s and we knew that Sunday mornings we could sleep in and our mom would make us a great feast when we got out of bed.

Sunday morning we would be woken up by our mom yelling at us to wake up and the sound of the tea kettle whistling.  Those are some of our fondest memories, enjoying mom’s home cooked breakfast.  My sister and I would chat about our weekend and laugh at our inside jokes as mom shook her head at us and smirked.

When we were invited for Brunch at Stratengers, aka “Strats” we were excited.  Given that it is smack middle of where both me and my sis live it was actually the perfect place to meet.  We have known the owner for over 10 years and were intrigued to check out her new restaurant which coincidentally also celebrated it’s 1st year anniversary.

We started off with a biscotti and latte

We ordered a few different things, a traditional platter with eggs over easy, light rye bread, bacon, and hashbrown. This was as delicious as how my mom made it, if you are looking for mama’s cooking then this will hit the spot!

We then moved onto something a little more fun – eggs benny, bacon, side of tex mex hash browns with fresh orange and pomegranate juice.  

We are pretty well known for ordering more than we can manage to eat, but our eyes are usually bigger than our appetites and we can usually give in to this guilty pleasure.  We finished with this glorious Nutella french toast with bananas, strawberries, with a caramel sauce. This is a very rich dish, definitely share this one with your partner in crime.

Stratengers is the perfect spot if you are looking for home cooked comfort food, the short time we were there we saw the owner address most customers by their first name.  Loved the coziness and comfort of Stratengers, the location is perfect servicing Brampton, Kleinburg, Caledon, Woodbridge, Tottenham and beyond!  We will be back over the next few weeks to try their dine and late night menu!

Frequent Flyer Foodie Points


Hope you enjoyed your read, feel free to follow @stratsbolton!

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