Avenue Cibi E Vin – Kleinburg Village

We have been living in Kleinburg now for almost 2 years and have made many attempts to come to Avenue, but for a reason or another were just not able.  For my husbands (early) birthday I made a reservation, booked a babysitter and decided I was going to make happen! Kleinburg is a beautiful town just north of Woodbridge, Ontario, whenever I tell anyone where I live I either get “that is a beautiful place, have you been to the village” or “where is that, it seems far”.  We love it here, it’s a beautiful community and you definitely feel like part of a small town but not removed.

I had made a reservation for 7:30 pm, since we live a whole three minute drive from door to door it was no trouble getting there 🙂 It was a cool night so having complementary valet was a huge bonus.  Once you step inside the restaurant you actually forget where you are, the decor is chic and upscale.  Once you are inside it has a feel of a swanky downtown Toronto restaurant.


We started off with a round of drinks, hubby ordered the Old Fashioned and I got the Prosecco with Orange while we waited for the apps and perused the daily specials.

Both hubby and I have a thing for Burrata salad, as many times as we try to order something different we always end up getting the Burrata.  This appetizer was also a special for the day and the cheese was hand crafted paired with arugula, cherry tomatoes, and drizzled with olive oil. How could we say no! You taste the freshness in the cheese as it melted in your mouth – Burrata you did not disappoint!

The dish in the back is the Crudo Di Pesce – Mediterranean Octopus with extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon, capers and sun dried olives.  I was expecting something completely different, but was very happy with how light and fresh it tasted.  The fresh lemon and capers gave it the perfect zing with every bite.  We did not want heavy appetizers as we wanted to enjoy our mains and not be stuffed.

For our mains, hubby got the lamp chops cooked medium with a simple sprinkle of fresh ground pepper and a side of seasonal vegetables.  It was a simple meal with a handful of ingredients but cooked to perfection.  As sharing is caring I stole a piece from him and it was incredible.

I ordered the Crab pasta which was cooked el dente, looks a bit messy but was also very good.  The flavours were simple and delicious. The pasta and sauce were homemade and you could tell in the taste. I ended up eating the entire thing which never happens as I always end up with a doggy bag.

Last but not least, we finished with a Blueberry Cheesecake, we were pretty full by this time and really had no room for another morsel.  Our server who pretty much suggested our entire meal said we could not leave without having the cheesecake and really who are we to be rude and say no 🙂 We had no problem finishing it off within two minutes flat, the texture and the taste were bang on. Exactly the right amount of sweetness to finish off an amazing meal.

We totally enjoyed our experience here at Avenue, it checked off all the right boxes.  It is upscale dining so not a place we see ourselves visiting weekly, but I don’t think it is meant for that.  We were here for a special occasion and will definitely be back to celebrate again.

Frequent Flyer Foodie Points:

Food and Drinks****1/2

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