Moon Palace – Cancun Mexico

Last week my family and I attended our friend’s destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico.  I was a bit apprehensive to take my four month old daughter out of the Country given all that’s been going on in Mexico (earthquake) and the Caribbean (Hurricane)  but my husband assured me that we would take extra precaution.

Our flight to Mexico was at 9am through WestJet.  I was able to take my City Select stroller and Bassinet all the way to the gate which really saved us because our baby loves kicking around.  We arrived at Moon Palace around 1pm and had our own check in area for the wedding party.

Moon Palace is massive! There are 3 resorts in one (The Grand, Nisuk and Sunrise).  We stayed at the Nisuk section on the ground level with an ocean view, great location as all the wedding events were taking place in that area.  First impression is everything and the lobby was gorgeous!


As soon as you walk in you are staring right at the buffet restaurant and then the pool is just a few steps away!  This pool was great for a family, there were slides, fresh food being cooked on the grill and water activities for the youth and adults all in the same vicinity.




I actually preferred the fresh food we would get at the hut outside versus the the buffet food inside.  I made a friend out at the grill as this was our go to place throughout the week, loved having an endless supply of burgers and we were always greeted with a smile!


Our favourite items to order from the hut were Chicken Nachos, Wings, and the Burger and Fries! We made some great friends on the resort who knew what we were coming to order before we got there!


If you walked past the hut further down, you would hit the beach.  Because we had the stroller, it was a bit harder for us to relax by the water but I did manage to get a few hours of just me and beach time while my husband watched our daughter.  The resort did a good job maintaining the Beach and removing the seaweed that swept onto the shore.


There were some great restaurant/bars right on the beach as well which was nice because you could sit by the water in some comfortable chairs while enjoying snacks and the bottomless drinks.


My favourite Restaurant
My husband and I had two evenings free as our friends went off the resort, however with the baby we couldn’t go so decided to explore the resort instead.  We ended up at the Sunrise Resort at Mommo’s, which is a Tappanaki restaurant.


We loved the decor inside and the staff was very friendly, our servers name was Jesus and he was great.  He recommended all the right dishes that hit the spot, I can eat Asian cuisine any night of the week.  The first night we did Teppanyaki and the second night we ordered off the menu.



We ordered so much food and just as our bellies were about to burst we decided to order some dessert as well.  Okay, anything deep fried sounds heavenly to me!

The Grand Awe Spa

After all the wedding festivities were over, the group of us headed over to The Grand (the nicest part of the resort) for full four days of spa luxury.  The Grand Awe Spa is 90,000 square feet and possibly the best spa we have ever been to in the world.  As soon as you check in for your services, they place you in the relaxation room.


I wish I could spend the entire day there. BTW, see below for the bathroom!

Awe Spa
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Some of the highlights of our trip to the spa.  My favourite was the splash pool (hot and cold water) and relaxation room.  I also got the fish pedicure which was a bit uncomfortable at first but it was a unique experience.


The splash pool was great because after your services your masseuse would escort you to this area and serve you warm tea of your liking.  It was quiet, blissful, serenity – I think I actually fell asleep here.




One thing you truly need to enjoy all the spa has to offer is time, which unfortunately I didn’t have given that my baby was with her dad outside so we were waiting to switch places.

I was able to squeeze in a scalp treatment and pedicure which were both amazing!  They use all Chi products in their spas and I received a hot Argan Oil head Massage.


The Spa was amazing and I honestly loved every minute of it but what I loved most about our trip was that it was with our baby girl.



Thank you to our friends for a great vacation, we would come back just for the Awe Spa!

Below are also a few key pointers for this resort.

Resort size and getting around
This resort is massive.  They have shuttle and cart services in front of the hotel but if you are travelling with children, I would recommend calling the front desk and arranging a golf cart to pick you up directly in front of your room.  We had a stroller, a bassinet and a few bags with us at all times, we made sure to tip well for the accommodation and service.

Leaking Air Conditioning 
Be careful in your room because the AC was causing a water leakage and some of the wedding guests fell in their rooms with pretty serious injuries.  The resort did call the local doctor but were not as accommodating when it came to accidents and how they handled their injured guests.  For such a large establishment one of the biggest disappointment was how nonchalant they were at addressing the concerns of their guests.

Which resort to stay at
Pay the upgraded price and stay at the grand.  It has everything you can ask for, for all age groups.


All in all though we truly enjoyed our week here, next time we are staying at The Grand.

Frequent Flyer Foodie Ratings:
Awe Spa: *****
Customer Service from Front Desk Management: *
Customer Service from staff at the Resort: *****
Resort Food: ***
Mommo’s Restaurant at Sunrise: ****
Rooms: ***
Cleanliness: ***
Pool entertainment: ***
Pool Relaxation: ****

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