Oh Greece, you stole my heart!


For our 5 year anniversary last July, we decided to go international and had our eyes set on Greece!  5 months of planning, 4 flights, 3 hotels, 2 thirsty adventurists and just 1 goal, to explore and eat our hearts out!

Our 11 hour DIRECT flight to Athens (thank you #Air Canada) was perfect.  Depart in the evening, sleep the entire way there ( I even slept through dinner) and arrive in the AM.


Athens is one of the most beautiful cities I have visited.  Side note, my husband and I have been obsessed with Greek Mythology and knew that when we would have kids, one of them would have a greek name! (That’s another story).


On our first night, we stayed 5 minutes from the Acropolis (walking distance) so we could do the hike all the way up for the breathtaking view!  Right before we hit the upward hike, we made sure we got our protein in with Chicken Souvlak at a cute little stand up shop, Mikpo Tovitiko, yum! 



As soon as we reached the top, we took a moment to reflect on the absolute beauty of Athens that words cant do justice.  I loved every minute of the hike up even though it was about 37 degrees (yikes).  20160709_182734.jpg


The next day, we hopped on our flight to Mykonos and checked in at the Myconian Ambassador Hotel Relais & Chateaux.

I personally loved this hotel as its 5 minutes away from the beach (walking distance) and the pool overlooks the beachfront.  Each morning, my husband and I would order eggs sunny side up.  We tried to eat as healthy as possible even when on vacation and these eggs hit the spot!


In the evening, we walked over to possibly the best restaurant in all of Mykonos, Avli!  We went there for lunch and dinner because the restuarant sits on the beach and served the best Chicken Souvlaki I’ve ever had! It was so good, I ordered a second plate.  Then to burn it all off, we would walk alongside the water. Yes, we are big walkers, hikers and reflectors. 20160712_195034


Our last destination in Greece was Santorini. We took the ferry from Mykonos to Santorini through Sea Jets for 57 Euros a person. Finally, we arrived at the Avaton Resort in Imerovigli.
Where do I start! This hotel (from the moment we got out of the cab) was so accommodating. We were greeted with drinks from the General Manager, Konstantinos. We told him that we had about 4 days so we wanted him to plan out our entire stay. He did just that, but first, let’s talk about this amazing hotel!!

Views, Views, Views! First thing we did…  you guessed it. Took a dip! 20160713_153738

This intimate hotel had the most impeccable view that you only see in Magazines! There are 10 rooms, 6 are on the floor and 4 are balcony. We stayed in room # 8. Quite honestly, every room had an amazing view so no need to fuss over which room you get. Your porch is about 2 meters away from their Infinity Pool. They clean the rooms about twice a day and serve you breakfast (which is complementary) right on your porch each morning which wass my favourite part of the day.


The staff at the Avaton was so friendly and the food was out of this world. If you do eat at their pool bar, make sure you try their curry chicken and pesto pasta! It was crazy delicious! I’m a sucker for food, if I fall in love with a dish, I order it twice.

On our second day, we attended the half day boat tour that Konstantinos planned out for us.  We started our journey in Oia then docked right beside the Volcano Island and swam in the hot springs. 20160714_110149_001.jpg Then, we got back on the boat and docked by the red sandy rocks and jumped into the water.  We could swim to the black sand beach but decided not to as it was kind of far from the boat.  Then got back onto the boat, swam around the side of the island then back to the tip of Oia.20160714_100112.jpg What an amazing day but also very tiring. I would recommend this tour for adults (couples, friends etc). We came back to our hotel, recharged and then decided to be courageous and walk to Fira which was about 35 minutes from our hotel.  If you are a hiking enthusiast like myself, you will enjoy this walk at the edge of the island as you will never take a walk like this anywhere in the world! My advice, don’t try to look cute, tie that hair back, put some running shoes on and trek it to the main city!  NOTE: you walk through all the hotels to get to Fira, thats the way the pedestrian walkway was designed! 20160713_192724The next day, my husband decided to be courageous and rent an ATV and suggested we ride alongside the rocky road (on the opposite side of the island) and head over to Oia.  I was skeptical at first but once I got on the ATV, I felt more relaxed and carefree.  Note: ATV’ing is not for the light hearted so make sure you have the stomach for it as you are driving alongside a rocky cliff.  Once we arrived in Oia, I ran to see the 3 blue domed churches as that is the landmark for Santorini and is virtually every picture that pops up when you are doing your research of the island.  All I have to say is… breathtaking!

We had lunch at a local pizzeria, shopped a bit then headed back to our hotel to enjoy the rest of our day by your infinity pool.

The last day of our trip, we put those hiking shoes back on and made the trek up the Santorini rock! 20160716_092457 Again, this is not for the light hearted!  We walked up over 2000 steps on the rock and right before I reached the top, I ran out of breath!  My husband wanted to climb all the way up but I refused and pulled him down.  Although I did see a few people up there, I wasn’t about to let my accident prone husband climb to the top and risk a fall to end our beautiful trip. on the way down, we took one last look at our hiking accomplishment and were grateful we were able to experience this moment!


What a perfect way to end our trip.  I think we did everything that was set on our Greece bucketlist!

Oh Greece, you stole our hearts away.  We loved every minute of this trip and couldn’t have asked for a better stay!

Frequent Flyer Foodie Ratings:

Acropolis, Athens: *****
Myconian Ambassador Hotel Relais & Chateaux: ****
Avli Restaurant, Mykonos: *****
Avaton Resort, Santorini: *****
Avaton Restaurant and Food Bar: ****


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